Bay & Bow Windows

Expansive Views with Bay & Bow Windows

Bow and bay windows are design classics seen in period homes up and down the country. They add extra space and light to a room. They also add beautiful kerb appeal. So when it’s time to replace them, you need to choose wisely. If you would like to replicate classic window styles or add interesting touches to replicate your original bay or bow windows, there are a wealth of design details to choose from, including decorative bars, stained glass and leaded lights.

You can choose to have coloured frames too, to add a distinctive touch to your home. Bow and bay windows can as also be fitted retrospectively to an existing opening, or we can create one. These can be replaced or created using any of the above windows.

Bay and Bow windows extend beyond the exterior wall, creating a spacious feel and offering panoramic views. Their unique structure not only adds architectural interest but also enhances the natural light and space within a room.

Bay & Bow Windows Features

Spacious Design

They project outward, adding extra space that can be utilised for seating or decor.

Panoramic Views

The extended window area provides wide-angle views of the outdoors.

Customisable Angles

Tailor the angle and size to fit your home’s design.

Enhanced Natural Light

Their design allows for more light to enter the room, brightening up the space.


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