French Doors

The French Door, featured by Coastal Windows, merges elegant design with practical functionality, ideal for integrating.

At Coastal Windows, we’re thrilled to present our French Door collection, a blend of elegance and efficiency. These doors are crafted using the acclaimed system, ensuring a seamless match with our window offerings. Featuring advanced glazing options, these doors excel in thermal efficiency and security, making them a smart choice for any home.

Our French Doors come in a variety of styles, suitable for settings like porches and sunrooms, and are designed for both inward and outward opening. With their robust construction and compatibility with high-security hardware, they provide peace of mind alongside aesthetic appeal.

Our french doors are also some of the most environmentally-friendly in the sector under our ‘Green Promise’ to the environment. Design your door HERE today!

Designed for various settings including porches and sunrooms, it supports both inward and outward opening configurations. The door system simplifies installation with a dedicated floating mullion and accommodates standard and high-security hardware, ensuring both ease of use and peace of mind.

French Doors Features

Enhanced Glazing Options

Enjoy superior insulation and noise reduction with advanced double or triple glazing, ensuring your home remains comfortable and serene.

Flexible Design

Our French Doors are versatile, perfect for various settings like porches or sunrooms, and can open both inward and outward to suit your spatial needs.

Robust Security

Fitted with high-standard hardware, these doors offer robust security features, keeping your home safe from unwanted intrusions.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Aligned with our Green Promise, these doors are designed with sustainability in mind, contributing to environmental conservation while enhancing your home.


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